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Thank you for visiting our site. As we embark on this magical journey together to design, plan and coordinate your wedding day on our amazing tropical paradise Sint Maarten / Saint Martin.

WeDo  weddings and events… has been developed to provide one-stop wedding services to local and travelling brides, their families and friends. Working with the island top professionals offering reliable services to all our clients, while keeping every couples’ budget in mind. 

Our services include, but certainly not limited to…giving advice on selecting your ideal wedding venue, personalizing your wedding ceremony, to coordinating the smallest or most extravagant weddings or event receptions. 

A dedicated team of certified wedding and event planners/coordinators trained to be detailed oriented in handling all the work and worry. With over thirty years of combined experience, our expertise has been featured in major magazines, newspapers, school programs, television and radio broadcast to name a few. We have been granted permission by the Island Government to plan and conduct wedding ceremonies and receptions on private and public beaches, house of worship, resorts, hotels or villa properties on St. Maarten/St. Martin. 

A celebration of a lifetime, your dream coming true, an expression of your love to the world, the beginning, of the rest of your life.

Yes, "WeDo" to your happily ever after…before you say “I Do”


Meet Your dream team

Sharon Remy


Sharon - or as she is referred to on the island, "Wedding Planner Extraordinaire" - has been satisfying and raising the standards of expectations in delivering the ultimate white glove service and care to many customers. Turning to her love for making people happy and her eye for details, she decided in 1995 to re-focus her energy and embarked on a journey in Event Planning, and to become certified, specializing in weddings.  Sharon, who is a Master Wedding Planner, currently holds the position of Manager of Customer Accounts at the agency, but occasionally enjoys getting her hands involved in the planning process when she takes on a  bride for consultation and planning, as is expressed in her own words below.  

"When you're born on an island,  you learn from a very young age that your main industry is tourism and everyone, including the children, has to do their part to support, uplift and take GREAT care of the visitors in order to continue the development of the island's social and economic growth. You learn from a tender age how to be courteous to visitors, how to answer questions as silly as they may be (like 'When will the rain stop?'), and how to solve every problem (like escorting drunken visitors out of the streets away from harm). So the desire to be in the hospitality industry comes naturally to most.

"The love of weddings was birth in me after seeing a family member in dire needs and the magical and exciting journey began, and to this day continues to burn in the pit of my stomach. Over the past thirty plus years, I've planned and coordinated more than five thousand weddings/events. I can fill this entire section with love stories of when boy met girl or planner met bride. It has it's highs and lows. But at the end of every celebration when a groom says, as you pin his boutonniere, 'I appreciate all you've done to make me and my bride happy.' ... or the bride, as you remind her to smile and don't cry as she walks down the aisle, says, 'Thank you for making my dream come true.' .... or both of them publicly raise a glass to you after cutting the cake to say 'Thank you for the best day of our lives.'  ... and then the parents give you this huge hug that lasts for what seems like hours with tears of joy, and say 'Our families are happy! You gave us the most amazing day and we are forever grateful.' ...

"Then I know I've done my job, which is not really a job, because I treat my couples and their family as my family: with respect, kindness and love. And it's time for one more happily ever-after, because it's what WeDo."

Sunshine hugs & kisses


Tamara Jeffers-Reed ("Tammy")


Tammy has been with the agency and in the wedding industry for the past eight year. Although after meeting her you would never think it, she is usually referred to by the team and loved ones as "Blood Through the Veins". With an attitude equally matched, she exudes joy and laughter to everyone who gets in her zone.  

Holding the position of Senior Wedding Coordinator at the agency, Tammy's responsibility is to detail the wedding plans of every planner and is the personal coordinator to the Bride.  If a quick fix is needed, she's the person to go to: from running a last minute errand, to getting hair-pins for the bride, or using an unnamed instrument to punch an additional hole in the groom's belt. 

"When I was asked by the agency to help with an upcoming wedding because an employee was out sick, I jumped at the request since I had recently gotten married (one month prior) and realized what I wished I had and wanted for my wedding...if only I had me, LOL. Every wedding needs a planner and most importantly, a coordinator, regardless if you have some experience or you're an armature. So yes, I got hooked in making dreams come true. It really doesn't matter what has to be done. It's the wedding day of the couple and everything should be as perfect as humanly possible. 

"I enjoy handing the flowers to the bride and escorting her to the ceremony venue, as she takes a breath and gives me a smile or wink and begin walking to her beloved. I assist in any area that is needed to complete the wedding day seamlessly. I want them to be the happiest ever and to know that I am there for them every step of the way, as I would have liked me there for me on my wedding day. 

"I don't really have a job description. The couple requested and paid for a service, so we deliver by any means necessary. We don't allow a bride, groom or family to be stressed. We take care of it. We make them feel welcome and comfortable with a few hugs and island jokes. 

"Ask us anything and we'll find the answers, because it's what WeDo."

Cheers, joy and laughter


Jessica Remy


Jessica has no tag name but is lovingly called "Jess". Everyone knows she's the brain behind the decor logistics. She stands apart and zooms into decor mode once she has the details of the bride's request. In the hospitality industry for over twenty years, she made her way to the event planning field after, as she says, "was bamboozled by a family menber to help on one event that has never ended." 

Currently holding the title of Senior Decorator, she shares her expertise with her creative mind and needs no guidance to pull it all together.  

"When I got the phone call asking if I was available to assist with decorating for a wedding, I thought this is going to be interesting. I've been creating many decorative pieces in the past, but a wedding ... hmmm. Well all I can say is that it's been ten years and I'm still loving decorating for brides and I wouldn't change a thing. 

"Although I am certified as a planner and coordinator, I do assist on the wedding/event day in all areas with my beloved team. My true passion is being in my personal space with the brides' vision in my head, after spending numerous amount of hours memorizing the decor.  It's just me and the image planted in my mind of what she requested via email.  

"My happiest moment is the look on the couple's face and the gasp that escapes before the 'WOW, this is beautiful!' It's their moment in time, their vision designed to their standard, with every detail checked. And the lights comes on ... it's action time to reveal it to their guests.

Here's to exceeding your expectations, because it's what WeDo."


The Dream Team


The Team - Yes, WeDo love, respect and enjoy working with each other as a unit. There are many more of us that are on call for events/weddings, depending on the size of the celebration. Everyone knows what they're suppose to do and responsible for, but NO ONE is limited and assist with whatever needs to be done to complete a flawless celebration. 

We support and appreciate each others company and yours as well, your family is our family. 

The brides, grooms, their family and friends always have questions, and we have answers. Nothing is too small, or too large, too simple or extravagant for us to take control of, handling all the work and worry from flowers to fireworks, and everything in between. We've got it covered!

So sit back with your favorite device, close your eyes, take a deep breath, visualize and share your vision. Allow us to design, plan, decorate, coordinate and send you off on your magical journey as you begin your new life together. 

Taking care of details, because it's what WeDo".

The Team