Why do I need to hire a Destination Wedding Planner?

Planning a destination wedding may be quite tedious, because it is not in your home town. This can be very stressful on as a DIY project, ask yourself…

  • Do you have the resources to make sure the vendors that you choose are reputable?
  • Will you get enough information about your selected location and the true logistics?
  • Will the vendors actually show up on site and on time?

The majority of local vendors have a primary job. A local wedding planner/coordinator will keep things moving along, so there is no confusion about who’s doing and providing what at what time and what is supposed to happen next. An independent, experienced, trained, qualified and certified Wedding Planner/Coordinator is the answer to all your wedding planning needs and will handle any and all problems that may arise.


What is an Apostille Stamp and where is it obtained?

Apostilles authenticate the seals and signatures of officials on public documents such as birth certificates, court orders, or any other document issued by a public authority so that they can be recognized in foreign countries that are members of the 1961 Hague Convention Treaty.   

“The Apostille Stamp” (as it is called in the United States of America and most countries) in most cases is a document affixed to your original legal document. Examples of government documentations that require the stamp include Birth certificates, Divorce and Un-Married certificates, obtained from your Secretary of State Office. The Apostille Stamp has the heading *APOSTILLE* followed by (Convention de La Haye du 5 Octobre 1961). The stamp proves the authenticity of the “legal” documents that is being provided to the wedding planner. It is a requirement for all foreign documents. 


What is the time period to submit the Legal Documents?

All documents MUST be originals and not older than three (3) months within obtaining and submitting them to the Island government office. To make sure we meet the documentation processing deadline, ALL documents should be in the possession of the local wedding planner, no later than eight (8) weeks prior to the actual wedding date for civil marriages and two (2) weeks for religious/symbolic marriages or renewal of vows. Only original birth certificates will be returned to the couple upon completion of the local license processing; this may take up to four (4) weeks. 


How do I register my Marriage in my Home Town?

Upon your return to your home state/town, you will receive your original and translated legal marriage license from your planner,  Take the two documents to your local marriage office/city hall or vital statistics office and have it officially registered/recorded. 


Is the Marriage License legal back in my home town?

Yes, the marriage license given by St. Maarten local government office is a legal document, and accepted throughout the United States, Canada and other foreign countries.


What is the Denomination of the Clergy?

Although most of the ministers on the island have a specific faith they believe in, they do accommodate your request of a (non-denominational) ceremony.  However, if you have a specific choice as per your religion, please inform us so we can find you the best match. We have a list of  preferred and seasoned clergies registered on the clergy board available to perform your ceremony. 


Can we write our own vows?

Most certainly, you can write your own vows to complete your special day. However, please be sure to inform us of your intent so that we may provide the clergy within a good time frame, as to limit the chances of surprise (to everyone). 


What are the choices of ceremony locations, the clergy will go?

The ministers will go to almost any location of your choosing, including barefoot on the beach. 


Are there experienced, qualified and certified planners at your company?

Yes, at WeDo Weddings and Special Events, we are experienced, trained, qualified and certified Wedding Planners/Coordinators.


Can I select local flowers to use for my wedding?

Unfortunately, you can’t. The island, being surrounded with salt (beaches and air) and being a former salt producer, is unable to provide lush blossoms. Although occasional blooms of bougainvillea, jasmine and hibiscus (to name a few) are seen around the island, there aren't enough locally grown flowers to cater to such special events.  


Where do the flowers come from?

All the flowers used for special events on the island are imported from mainly France and Holland, as well occasionally from neighboring Caribbean islands and America.  


Can we rent wedding attire on the island? l

Unfortunately, the locals do not favor nor believe in using wedding attire from someone else. Therefore, local boutiques do not offer rental services on wedding attire. 


If I am having an outdoor wedding, what am I responsible for?

All rental items will be charged to your account, including shuttling of wedding guests and portable restrooms if needed. However, if the items were rented through the local planner, the planner should and will be responsible for securing the rented items. (If it’s going through the planner, it should not be your responsibility.)